As someone who has always worked Tegan said it was hard suddenly not working.

After Tegan had a car accident 9 years ago, she needed surgery. The surgery required medication to support her recovery, but it also had a negative impact on her mental health causing her to stop working.

Tegan was suddenly in an out of hospital seeking help and had to rely on her parents to assist with day to day life and found herself moving back in with them in her late 30’s.

As her health began to improve, she was keen to study and get back to work but didn’t know how.

“I had no idea where to start until I received a call from Joblife. As soon as I had my first meeting with them, everything fell into place. I had an amazing resume which I wouldn’t have had without them, and a brilliant cover letter which enabled me to find employment after only 1 interview. Getting the extra help really boosted my confidence and I’m forever grateful!” – Tegan

We are excited to report that Tegan is now in a permanent role as a Phlebotomist working for Clinical Labs in WA. Our team is thrilled to be supporting Tegan on this new employment journey. 

If you have an injury or illness that is impacting your ability to work or if you don’t know where to start with your education and job search we can help.

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