When a client presents a problem that’s preventing them from getting into the workforce, Joblife Employment Consultant Veronica Mejia-Garcia always goes above and beyond to provide a solution. 

And there’s no better illustration of the involvement Veronica has in her clients’ pursuit for a permanent job than her latest star placement in Townsville’s Bella Walsh. 

Prior to her coming to Joblife Employment, Bella had been unemployed for the past 10 years, she had no driver’s license, no transport and her limited literacy and numeracy skills were problematical for prospective employers. 

But in Veronica’s words – where there’s a will, there is a way. 

“The first thing I really noticed when I started working with Bella was that she was really keen to get a job but she didn’t have any transport so we arranged to buy a bicycle for her,” Veronica said.

“In her previous role Bella worked in childcare and support work but she had been unemployed for 10 years because she was caring for her four grandchildren.” 

“That’s when she told me that she absolutely loves food preparation and being in the kitchen preparing food for her family and it got me thinking there might be an opportunity in the hospitality industry.” 

A flurry of phone calls later and Veronica had secured Bella an interview at the Coffee Club and such was her excitement she secured a suitable outfit, drove Bella to the interview, and packed a few surprises in her lunch box as well. 

“Bella was very anxious and it’s the little things like that which make the jobseeker more comfortable and now she rides her bike to work and loves her job,” Veronica said. 

“The Coffee Club want long-term employees and the Human Resources Manager always comes to Joblife Employment because they love our productivity.” 

If you or any of your friends and family are looking for a job, phone Joblife Employment Customer Service Team on 1800 319 502, email [email protected] and we’ll have you employed in no time. 

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