The 2nd of April marks World Autism Awareness Day, which kicks off Autism Awareness Month.
World Autism Awareness Day is recognised by the United Nations, where they aim to address the issues faced by people with autism. This year’s topic is ‘Inclusive Quality Education for All’, which is linked to last year’s theme of ‘Inclusion in the Workplace’.
Last year, it was discussed how “crucial it is to foster inclusive quality education for people on the autism spectrum so that they can fulfil their potential and achieve sustainable success in the labour market.”



Another important factor to embracing World Autism Day is to promote inclusivity through myth busting and education.

Myth: People with autism can’t learn.

Fact: People with autism can learn, but many forms of education or training are not accessible for them. If we can build the capacity of teachers, training organisations, and employers to provide more accessible training, it will help people with autism learn more effectively.

People with autism can achieve incredible things if given the chance. Take, for instance, our clients Chris Smith and Chris England who are thriving in their roles. Click their names to read their full journey into employment.



DES providers and employers should understand that people with autism have reported their common difficulties “were fitting in socially (63%), learning difficulties (62%) and communication difficulties (52%).”

It’s important for employers to help combat these challenges for people with autism in the workplace by:

  1. Providing awareness training for employees.
  2. Creating policies, procedures, and workplace culture around inclusivity and understanding.
  3. Collaborating with DES providers and other organisations to modify recruitment processes and job tasks if necessary.
  4. Providing support and training to employees with autism that is disability-friendly and accessible.


To be an advocate for World Autism Awareness Day, you can:

  1. Share this article on your social media to spread awareness.
  2. Join the Kindness Campaign to spread awareness and boost your own understanding of autism through activities and resources.
  3. #LightItUpBlue and wear blue. You can access social media resources for this here.


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